13 Worst Nigerian Foods That Cause Belly Fat


természetes mellnagyobbítás otthon Have you been struggling on how to reduce belly fat wishing to acquire a flat tummy? It’s not hard. Belly fat is very harmful to our bodies and may be caused by taking a wrong diet or some food that we consume on daily basis.

borstvergroting afbetaling Weight loss is also very important especially if you are overweight and want to improve your health and keep fit.

vrouw zoekt vrouw in Heerenveen Below are 13 worst Nigerian foods that cause belly fat and some tips that will help you control their intake and get rid of excessive belly fat.

  1. Pounded Yam – Excessive intake of carbohydrate may lead to increased weight gain because the excess carbohydrate is always stored as fat in the body. The pounded yam is a source of carbohydrate and one common food in Nigerian culture. The normal Nigerian diet contains a lot of carbohydrate. Always try to limit your intake of pounded yam to reduce body fat.
  2. Fufu (Mashed Potatoes) -This again is a staple Nigerian food and another source of carbohydrate and fat. Minimize your intake of fufu and take plenty of water to achieve a flat belly.
  3. Garri/Ebba- considering scientific advice on health tips and the 2000 calories diet, a normal adult should take 300g of carbohydrates a day. Taking lower than that may result to weight loss while taking beyond that may lead to weight gain. Try hard to consume garri or ebba within the recommended limits.
  4. Rice/Spaghetti – Rice and spaghetti are served with so many types of Nigerian foods. They can also contribute to weight gain if consumed inappropriately. Maintain a healthy balanced diet and always stay safe from weight gain by avoiding excessive intake of rice and spaghetti.
  5. Bread (agege and sliced) – Bread contains starch and sugar that when accumulated in the body, will increase your belly fat and your weight. The intake of excessive bread (carbohydrate), may lead to the release of the insulin hormone. The hormone transports the excess sugar from the starch to various parts of the body like the liver, the muscles and the remaining excess sugar is transferred to the body fat cells.
  6. Palm oil/Kernel oil- Palm oil is high in fat and calories. Use a small amount of the palm oil or avoid it when it is not necessary. When purchasing the palm oil or the kernel oil, read the ingredients and the instructions to guide you in consumption amount. You should also look at the ingredients when buying fried products to confirm the oil used and avoid the ones fried with palm oil.
  7. Meat – Red meat is always difficult to avoid. It is considered as one of the most important foods in most African cultures and Nigerians serve it with rice, yams or even fufus during their daily meals. When preparing red meat, chop off most of the fat before cooking. Goat meat is always recommended as the best red meat because it contains lesser calories compared to the other red meats. Go for goat meat if possible to get rid of overweight and excessive fat in your body.
  8. Salt /Seasoning Mixes– Watch the salt that you add to your meals. You should avoid overloading your food with salt and seasonings for a healthy diet. You should also exercise to remove excessive salt from your body and burn your belly fat.
  9. Avoid Biscuits and High Calories Snacks such as Puff Puff, Fan Yogo and Chin Chin – The Nigerian shops sell snacks that contain more than 225 calories. Try to ask for healthy snacks whenever you visit the shops and carry them with you wherever you go to avoid buying unhealthy snacks on the streets. Snacks such as granola bars contain high amount of fibre and they will help you greatly to lose weight.
  10. Soft Drinks e.g Soda – Soda is unhealthy and increases belly fat due to the artificial sweeteners, the excessive sugars and the chemicals added as preservatives. Drink pure water and avoid excessive consumption of sodas.
  11. Alcohol- Alcohol contributes a lot of calories to our body compared to proteins and carbohydrates. Wine and beer are another source of carbohydrates while some cocktails contain fat hence increased belly fat. Avoid alcohol if you want to maintain a flat belly.
  12. Fries and Potato Chips- Potato chips contain a lot of calories and some of them are cooked with palm oils or hydrogenated oils. They contribute to weight gain and belly fat.
  13. Flour Snacks and Pancakes- Flour snacks may be easy to make even at home for breakfast but remember that they contain a lot of calories and high amounts of fat. Avoid such food to get rid of belly fat and live healthily.

femme cherche homme a Gard I hope these tips will be helpful to your health.

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