17 Facts about Cancer That Everyone Needs to Know


http://pt.natural-breast-pills.com/ marirea sanilor What do you know about cancer?

http://penenaturale.it/ http://penenaturale.it You may not know the scientific and medical terms that are used in describing cancer but you know that cancer is a #2 killer disease in the United States. You wouldn’t believe that cancer has so much information on the internet. Although, these information are just with a few simple keystrokes But the question is how much do you know about the disease.

como crecer senos There numerous forms of cancer. Every cancer patient has a unique case of the disease, and you won’t know all. That can be so devastating.

man zoekt stel in Delfshaven All you really need is a working knowledge about cancer. The person as risk the most. The factors that increase cancer risk in a society. What to do to prevent cancer.

Some of the facts listed in this article are just common sense but you should have heard that, common sense is not really common, right? You might not take any actions even when mentally and physically know that certain lifestyle choices increase the chance of having cancer, until it is too late to do.

The facts about cancer that you need to know about are:

  1. Globally, researchers agree that no less than half of all deaths caused by cancer and cancer-related diseases are preventable. In the year 2015, approximately 1.6 million deaths will be as a result of cancer. So saving half of the expected deaths is one great place to begin.
  2. Cancer is a general name given to over 100 human diseases. Even though cancer was formerly called a ‘wasting disease’, it is the outcome of abnormal cells that proliferate and get out of control to affect various areas in the body, thus damaging the healthy cells in the process. Most forms of cancer leads to tumors but cancers that affect the blood don’t lead to tumors.
  3. It is only a few percentage of cancers are genetic(less than 5% of them). Therefore, when the experts say that most cancers are genetically linked, then take that as a lie. Nevertheless, eve n when research has indicated that it is likely that some of the cancer gene were not inherited from our parents, majority of us inherited the cookbook of our mother and were likely exposed to the toxins that our immediate family is exposed to. Therefore, it is important to do cleaning up of our diet and exercising, in addition to detoxification.
  4. As regard toxins, the risk of developing cancer can be increased by environmental factors. The water you drink, the food you eat, and the air you breathe are vital. Heavy metal toxicity, pollution, and household cleaning products or chemicals has damaging effects on your body cells. Workplaces and homes are places that you spend most of our time. So you should take your personal safety a top priority.
  5. Over 90% of all reported cases of lung cancer are caused by smoking. Interesting enough, it is not really tobacco that causes cancer. The chemicals that are used when producing tobacco products are the ones causing cancer. The #1 way to reduce the risk of this form of cancer is by quitting. Even those who don’t smoke are at risk of cancer from secondhand smoke. Every 30 seconds, there is one person that dies from lung cancer in a certain place in the world. In the United States, lung cancer is a #1 killer disease of men and women.
  6. Sleeping less than six hours daily increases the risk of colon cancer. Studies carried out recently have also shown a higher cancer risk among those who take on night shift work. The advantage of healing sleep is an underestimated means of keeping your body strong and free of cancer.
  7. More than 40 children are diagnosed to have cancer every day. In fact, over 14,000 children every year in the USA alone. Cancer or conventional cancer treatments is the top killer of children. Currently, it claims the lives of 4 children even more than type 1 diabetes, asthma, and congenital birth defects. There has been no improvement in the survival rates among children diagnosed with cancer because the conventional treatments (chemo and radiation) are the real cause of cancer. Unfortunately, there has been little research on how these treatments cause cancer and focus is only on treatment of the tumors by shrinking them with carcinogenic chemicals such as chemotherapy.
  8. There are nitrates in the sausages and hot dogs you consume—they are written on the label of these products as potassium nitrite and sodium nitrate. Nitrates are chemical additives that are used in processed meats for preservation and flavoring purposes. When these meats are prepared with high heat and further ingested, they react chemically with body’s digestive fluids converting the nitrates to nitrites which happened to be a carcinogen. Apart from that, nitrates also filter into groundwater from application of fertilizers on the soil; hence you must consider using a filter for your drinking water.
  9. Nearly one in every recorded death in the world is as a result of cancer. In actual fact, cancer caused more deaths than AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. Incidences of cancer are higher in developed countries. Experts have the belief that the combination of lifestyle and diet influences the overall health of human beings.
  10. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer that affects women. Globally, this particular type of cancer is the #1 cause of cancer death among women. Breast, colorectal, and cervical cancer are the most common diseases diagnosed among women.
  11. Prostrate, stomach, and lungs cancer are the commonest diseases that are diagnosed among men. The survival rates for lungs cancer among men are just less than 20%. If you’re a smoker and you also work in a place where toxins are inhaled, your chances of survival rate is just a bit over 3%.
  12. Adults over 55 years of age have the highest risk of cancer. Nearly 77% of cancer patients (both male and female) fall in this age group.
  13. Scientific research has showed that the risk of cancer can be increased by obesity. Obesity can also affect your chances of survival if you’re a cancer patient. Women who maintain a healthy body weight have been found to have higher survival rate.
  14. Symptoms of lung cancer, ovarian cancer, or colon cancer may not be experienced until the cancer cells have spread to other areas of the body. The only way to detect these types of cancer early enough is by going for screening early.
  15. Skin cancer is the most usually diagnosed type of cancer. The cases of skin cancer are on a steady increase every year. One popular myth is that exposure to the sunlight leads to skin cancer, but this is not totally true. You need to expose your body to the sun to increase the production of vitamin D (through the interaction of cholesterol and ultraviolet light) in your body. 30 minutes of early morning or late afternoon sun on your face or hands is sufficient to produce the amount of vitamin D needed by your body. However, avoid sun burning because it can damage your DNA and eventually results to cancer. In addition, avoid using sunscreen, because it filters ultraviolet light which leads to cancer. Octyl methoxycinn0amate (OMC) is the major chemical in sunscreens that filters out UVB rays, as it has also be shown to kill mouse cells at low doses. , this chemical was discovered to be toxic when exposed to the sun. 90% of sunscreen brands contain OMC. Many of the popular sunscreen brands have toxic chemicals in them. Some of these toxic chemicals are dioxybenzone and oxybenzone, and they are absorbed via the skin to enter the bloodstream, produce free radicals, damage the body immune system, the heart and the liver, and they promote systemic cancer.
  16. Healthy body cells are capable of self-destructing. This process is called apoptosis but it is called ‘cell suicide’ by health writers. Apoptosis or cell suicide is the process by which the body cell observes danger and decides to destroy itself to protect or save the other parts of the body. This process is absent in cancer cells, in which reasons are unknown to scientists. A breakdown in apoptosis has been linked to cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative diseases.
  17. There are some foods that can activate the self-destruction of damaged cells through apoptosis. Examples of these foods are berries, green tea, avocados, turmeric, kale, garlic, and dark chocolate. These foods can target and destroy cancer cells.

Good Lifestyle Choices equals Good health. You have known but want to remind you that your lifestyle (what you eat, drink, and do with your body) directly affects your cancer risk.

Eating a healthy diet, enough water, sufficient rest, quitting smoking, reducing alcohol, exercising regularly, and treating your body well, are the frontline defense against any diseases, especially cancer.

You can live a healthy lifestyle and still be sick but you’re intensely reducing your cancer risk and any other diseases by just loving yourself.

Your body is your only abode; hence you need to treat it well. Don’t ever stop learning about the ways to fight, survive, and prevent cancer.

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