5 Critical Strategies for Cancer Prevention and Optimal Health


femme cherche homme a Roanne Is the long term effect poor diet will have on your health one of your worries? Do you feel exhausted most times? Do you feel stressed? Do you find it difficult to sleep? Are you interested in regular exercise but don’t have the time to incorporate it into your schedule? The truth is, you’re not the only person facing these.

vestiti eleganti premaman economici Modern day medicine has tried to make you believe that disease is a thing of chance. However, the real truth is that disease is what you can totally control. There are some things you can actually do to constantly stay healthy.

Paar sucht Sie in Leipzig This particular article will expose my top five (5) strategies to get optimum health—precisely linked to preventing or fighting cancer.

  1. Diet is Primary

vestiti carnevale vendita online It’s like putting firewood into the fireplace (the fireplace is your body) following an alternative cancer treatment protocols. As soon as the wood catches fire and it starts to burn, the fire is going to kill the cancer cells that have invaded your fireplace (body). But, if you start to eat poor or bad diet, you’re destroying your alternative cancer treatments, because eating bad diet is like using water to quench the fire. Several scientific researchers have discovered that cancer could occur due to poor diet.

Most times, people have the thought that their cancer is cured when they discover that the tumor has disappeared, or probably when they notice that the cancer cells are dead. These set of people return back to their previous lifestyles, vices, diet, and unfortunately, the cancer returns. One thing I want us to know is that some internal condition permits the initial growth of cancer, and cancer will return of the internal condition returns as a result of poor diet.

Now, the question is how can we maintain healthy internal environment? Always eat organic whole foods. Stay away from Genetically Modified Foods. Avoid processed foods.

  1. Detoxification is Important

Detoxification is known to be the most important part of a health plan and effective in fighting cancer, but it is rather unfortunate that it is ignored.

Detoxification is the process of neutralizing, transforming, and removing toxins from the body, and clearing mucus and congestion. A poor or bad diet, poor digestion, a slow colon, reduced liver function, and poor removal of waste from the kidneys, are factors that contributes to increased toxicity.

How can detoxification be achieved? The first process is to clean the colon, then remove parasites from your body, after clean the kidneys, liver, gall bladder, blood, and other body organs. This is the best order that you need to follow.

Detoxification is a very vital part of overall health plan and important weapon to fight cancer. God has given man a natural system to assist him with natural detox. Are you aware of this? This will lead us to my next strategy, which is a special exercise that is akin to jumping on the trampoline. It is known as rebounding.

  1. Exercise is Important

Many researchers have concluded that rebounding is probably the most effective exercise created by human, specifically due to the effect of rebounding on the lymph system.

Human body needs movement. The lymph system cleanses all the cells and transports nutrients to these cells while eliminating toxins such as heavy metals, dead and cancerous cells, and other toxic wastes. The lymph depends totally on physical exercise, unlike the blood that depends on the heart.

When there is no adequate movement, the cells will be soaked in their waste products and they get starved for nutrients. This is one thing that brings about cancer and other associated degenerative diseases and even quick aging. Rebounding has been discovered to boost the flow of the lymph by 30 times. In addition, all the cells in the body gets stronger when responding to the increase “G forces” during rebounding, and rebounding increases the activeness of the immune cells by 5 times.

Rebounding directly builds up the body immune system, boosts lymph flow, and increases the transport of oxygen to the blood. I believe that rebounding is the best exercise to fight and prevent cancer.

One other benefit of exercise is that, it leads to sweating, and sweating is very essential in the detoxification process.

  1. Get Some Sun

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is produced automatically in the skin when the cholesterol present in the skin absorbs ultraviolet B rays (UVB rays) from the sun. The vitamin gets circulated in all areas of the body to prevent cancer and other disease. You will find it interesting to know that our body automatically produces the right amount of vitamin D needed by our body. Therefore, if you receive more than the amount of sunlight you need, you won’t get vitamin D overdose. The skin produces only the amount needed without an extra.

Please you must be careful about sun bathing as it is believed that extreme exposure to the sun is dangerous.

Scientific researchers in Belgium were the first to prove that vitamin D minimizes C-reactive protein (CRP), a measure of systematic inflammation. CRP is increased in critically sick patients when there is inflammation, and it has been confirmed that chronic inflammation can lead to coronary heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.

Do not be deceived by the ‘sunscreen myth.’ The notion that cancer can be prevented by sunscreen is a myth that is promoted by a greedy tag-team work between the sunscreen industry and the ‘cancer industry’.

Sunlight is good for the body, specifically the ultraviolet B rays, but they can be filtered out by sunscreens. Octyl methoxycinn0amate (OMC) is the major chemical in sunscreens that filters out UVB rays, as it has also be shown to kill mouse cells at low doses. In addition, this chemical was discovered to be toxic when exposed to the sun. Do you know what? 90% of sunscreen brands contain OMC

  1. Sleep is Essential

It doesn’t matter how often you exercise, how well you eat, and the amount of time you use in cooking your foods, you can’t be truly healthy if you deprive yourself of adequate quality sleep. When you lack sleep, your metabolism is altered, thus making you vulnerable to heart disease, weight gain, diabetes, and cancer. Lack of quality sleep can reduce immune response, making one prone to colds and flu. In addition, it can make one feel overwhelmed and weak, stopping one to make good choices and ending up performing the easiest at the time.

The bedroom is where you spend one-third of your life. Therefore, you need ensure that your bedroom is conducive to rest and relax. Turn off the Wi-Fi in your home at night and ensure that no electronic is stationed very close to your bed, because of the negative effects of electromagnetic frequencies.

Avoid things that can make you stay awake for a longer time such as sodas and coffee. Obviously, there are so many reasons for you to stay away from sodas, but drinking sodas and coffees before going to bed can keep you awake because of the caffeine in them.

In addition, do not eat a large meal before going to bed. This practice can lead to weight gain and can also increase your metabolism while it becomes difficult to slow down. Furthermore, our internal clocks also called ‘circadian rhythm’ functions optimally when we maintain a predictable schedule. Endeavour to sleep around the same time every night and wake up at nearly similar time every morning.

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