All You Were Told About Cancer Is Wrong!


I will ask you just two questions:

brustvergrößerung kosten österreich The first question is: What are the causes of cancerous cells?

couples seeking men in Gisborne The second question is: what percent of orthodox medicine cancer patients are alive five years after they were diagnosed?

I want you to ruminate on these two questions before you continue reading.

The belief of most people is that, DNA damage is the reason behind cancer, and that pharmacists and orthodox medical practitioners are on the lookout for a cure for cancer.

These beliefs have two problems. First, they are total nonsense and second, they are just propaganda and lies from the TV.

The truth is that DNA damage is never a cause of cancer. A cancer cell is a cell with low adenosine triphosphate (ATP). So it looks so stupid for a cell biologist to even think that DNA damage can cause low ATP energy levels.

Worst of it all, the media honors all the so called cancer researchers who are wasting their time trying to resolve the DNA damage of cancer cells. All these are done to deceive people and ensure cancer cures are not discovered. Simple!  However, there are some people who know the true cure of cancer. It is just that they aren’t working for the pharmaceuticals industry.

The low levels of ATP energy is actually the effect of the microbes dwelling inside cancer cells. These microbes are called Helicobacter pylori. These are microorganisms having 16 different sizes while their sizes and shapes depend on the pH they’re exposed to.

Helicobacter pylorus stops glucose as it enters the cancer cells, causing a reduction in the quantity of glucose available for the cancer cells to convert into pyruvate. A cell will definitely produce less ATP energy with less pyruvate.

20 cancer treatments have been developed by different researchers and these treatments reverted cancer cells into normal cells successfully.

But how did this occur? These treatments target and kill the Helicobacter pylori dwelling in the cancer cells.

Killing cancer cells is nothing new and it is not bad using things that can safely target and kill cancer cells, but the modern approach is to safely target and kill the microbes inside the cancer cells.

This approach was first tried in the 1930s but it was opposed and shut down by the AMA (American Medical Association) and FDA (Food and Drug Association). Though, the approach has now been resuscitated and modernized.

Er sucht Ihn in Thun Cure Rates For Cancer

Breast Cancer patient Jolly Komurembe, 38, lies dying as her sister, Peace Magoba, cares for her in the Solid Tumor Ward of the Cancer Institute attached to the Mulago Hospital, in Kampala, Uganda, July 21, 2013. Jolly, who has four children with her husband Robert, found a tumor around two years before while living in the western Uganda district of Rukunghiri. Like so many women in Uganda who don't seek medical care for diagnosis and treatment in the early stages of Cancer, Jolly's cancer was advanced when she finally had a mastectomy in January 2013. These images depict the final week of her life. (Credit: Lynsey Addario for The New York Times)
Breast Cancer patient Jolly Komurembe, 38, lies dying as her sister, Peace Magoba, cares for her in the Solid Tumor Ward of the Cancer Institute attached to the Mulago Hospital, in Kampala, Uganda, July 21, 2013. Jolly, who has four children with her husband Robert, found a tumor around two years before while living in the western Uganda district of Rukunghiri. Like so many women in Uganda who don’t seek medical care for diagnosis and treatment in the early stages of Cancer, Jolly’s cancer was advanced when she finally had a mastectomy in January 2013. These images depict the final week of her life. (Credit: Lynsey Addario for The New York Times)

You may assume that orthodox medicine has a 5-year cure rate for more than 50% of people suffering from cancer. That is to say, more than 50% of its cancer patients are still living 5 years after they (patients) have been diagnosed with cancer.

You may assume that the FDA is not really putting all its efforts to find cures to cancer; rather it is closing down quacks that pretend to cure cancer which they know nothing about its cure.

You may assume  that the media is just on the lookout for the person that has the best cancer cure rates, so that they can update the public on the person whose cancer treatments are the most effective.

vestito in pizzo rinascimento All your assumptions are not correct.

Cure rates for cancer are never issues that can be solved by relying on academics alone. Why? This is because you may be diagnosed with cancer some day or someone you know may be diagnosed with cancer. So think of it. Your life or the life of your loved one may actually be on the line as you make decision on who is really telling the truth about the research on cancer cure.

Factually, it is a life and death decision when it comes to choosing a cancer treatment. The cure rates for different cancer treatments vary and range from 3%-96% for the same cancer type. Now, can you figure out who is saying the truth and who is lying? Besides, if they’re lying, what is their reason for lying?

Now about the cure rates…

Think about these two questions again.

  • What is the general 5-year cure rate for cancer given by oncologists? That is, how many of their cancer patients are still living 5 years after being diagnosed of cancer?
  • What was the cure rate of an immigrant from South Africa (Johanna Brandt) that used purple grape juice as cancer treatment?

Before you proceed, just guess the answers to the two questions above and try to put your answers down in writing to compare results after.

For the first question: the general 5-year cure rate for cancer by oncologist is just 2.1%. The meaning of this is; in 97.9% of cancer cases, patients die within five years of their cancer diagnosis.

So the cure rate for the pharmaceutical industry, FDA, oncologists, and even for the media is 2.1%.

Linus Pauling (PhD) says, “ par söker man i Gamla Lödöse Everyone should know that the war on cancer is largely a fraud.”

A 52-year-old woman suffering from bladder cancer lies under a radiotherapy simulator used to pinpoint areas to treat at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra April 24, 2012. Most of Africa's around 2,000 languages have no word for cancer. The common perception in both developing and developed countries is that it's a disease of the wealthy world, where high-fat, processed-food diets, alcohol, smoking and sedentary lifestyles fuel tumour growth. Yet there are an estimated one million new cancer cases sub-Saharan Africa will see this year - a number predicted to double to 2 million a year in the next decade. Picture taken April 24, 2012. To match Insight CANCER-AFRICA/GHANA REUTERS/Olivier Asselin
A 52-year-old woman suffering from bladder cancer lies under a radiotherapy simulator used to pinpoint areas to treat at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra April 24, 2012. Most of Africa’s around 2,000 languages have no word for cancer. The common perception in both developing and developed countries is that it’s a disease of the wealthy world, where high-fat, processed-food diets, alcohol, smoking and sedentary lifestyles fuel tumour growth. Yet there are an estimated one million new cancer cases sub-Saharan Africa will see this year – a number predicted to double to 2 million a year in the next decade. Picture taken April 24, 2012. To match Insight CANCER-AFRICA/GHANA REUTERS/Olivier Asselin

Despite that, some chemical producing companies are trying to make you sick so you can buy prescription drugs. For instance, Monsanto puts chemicals in the foods we eat and also wants us to eat Genetically Modified Foods. Many owners of chemical companies act as if they are God or even superior to him. However, my message to companies in this category is that, God is never dead and he is never stupid.

For the second question: The cure rate of Johanna Brandt was 100%. Johanna’s cure rate was actually on cancer patients who had never undergone surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.

The cure that orthodox medicine couldn’t find, ordinary Johanna Brandt who has no knowledge of orthodox medicine had 100% success in finding.

Johanna Brandt didn’t need to know how cancer is cured; it is the role of ‘Mother Nature’. Fortunately, Nature has put more than 12 chemicals in purple grape juice that are very effective in curing cancer.

Discovering what Nature has already done is the best way of surviving cancer.

Cancer Treatments Discovered by Dr. Kelley


Dr. William Kelley is a natural medicine cancer researcher who started as a dentist and later changed to natural medicine cancer researcher. Dr. Kelley worked with over 30,000 cancer patients using his protocol.

He had a 93% cure rate on newly diagnosed cancer patients who hadn’t had surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

Why was this doctor jailed? Dr. Kelley was jailed because he used unpatented products to treat cancer. So, medical practitioners and pharmaceutical industry were not interested in his cancer treatment because they think they won’t make huge profits from his unpatented cancer treatments.

He was jailed. None of them cared about the 93% cure rate he had, because his cancer treatments wouldn’t fetch them huge profits.

Dr. Kelley took advantage of Nature to develop a cure—just natural enzymes. These natural enzymes made the immune system find cancer cells and thus curing them. And see, there is no way natural enzymes can be patented.

Yes, Dr. Kelley is not a medical doctor but he achieved 93% cure rate for cancer using natural medicine. So the American Medical Association and media saw the use of Nature to cure disease as a crime. They saw his 93% cure rate as unimportant and useless.

Now what is happening today?


Today, whenever natural medicine is mentioned, people always take to their heels. They don’t know they are running away from the only effective treatments for cancer. They are also ignorant of the fact that nature is far smarter than any chemists living on planet earth.

A lot of people have been cured of their cancers by using healthy diets and drinking of carrot juice mixed with small quantity of beet juice daily. That is all they did to cure their cancers.

The truth here is that, if every cancer patients can do that, rather than going for surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, the global cure rate for cancer will greatly increase.

However, can anyone make huge profits telling or advising cancer patients to take a quart of carrot juice mixed with a little beet juice daily to cure their cancer? This is not possible for the pharmaceutical industry, the medical practitioners, and the media.

Remember that I said there is no way carrot juice and beet juice can be patented. A healthy diet also cannot be patented.

The general public has really been brainwashed to an extent that they believe Mother Nature can’t by any means be a medical doctor. God made the DNA of carrots, beets, and that of human being. Ever since 1953, the only thing that scientists understand about human DNA is just 3% of it.

It means that scientists don’t even know 97% of the functions of the human DNA. There was a time they resolved to call the remaining part ‘junk DNA’. They were just too foolish to understand what that 97% does. Though they have stopped calling it junk DNA, they are still clueless about it.

It is because of the properly designed brainwashing done by the media that has led to all the disbelief people have in the power of Mother Nature. The media continuously give glory to medical doctors, making the general public have the wrong notion that God (Mother Nature) is so stupid to act or work as a medical doctor. Maybe it’s because Nature doesn’t have a bank account that gave room for this brainwashing—funny but true—so it is ignored by the media, while the media praises those having huge bank account balance.

There are other natural cancer researchers that have achieved very high cure rates using what Nature have provided.

Dr. Philip Binzel, a medical doctor had an 81% cure rate using liquid laetrile extracted from apricot seeds. Dr. Binzel got liquid laetrile from Mexico, but the FDA tried all their best to stop the importation of liquid laetrile into USA. The good news was that, the son of Dr. Binzel was an attorney, aiding the defeat of FDA in the law court.

Dr. Royal Rife, who is a microbiologist, had a 100% cure rate using electro-medicine to destroy microbes living inside cancer cells. AMA also attempted to buy Dr. Rife out, but he rejected the offer. As a result of this, the FDA shut him down and his lab and inventory were destroyed.

These names are so numerous that I cannot write on all of them. In actual fact, we still have the best natural cancer researchers living on planet earth. Advanced cancer protocols were developed because a lot of patients were very sick for the reason that they started their cancer treatment with orthodox treatments.

All the technologies discussed above are presently in use. The Rife Machine is currently called a High RF Frequency Generator-Plasma (207 watts) or High RF Frequency Generator-Contact (15 watts).

Unfortunately, those device names are not real. Permission was not given by the vendor to mention their real names. I certain belief you know why the real names of these devices were not used. The vendor is afraid of the government agencies that are behind the hiding of the truth about cancer cure.

Today, natural medicine cancer researchers have made use of the protocols above. But because of the invention of new products and combinations of products, some of the protocols given above have become obsolete.

What cancer patients need is electro-medicine and a powerful combination of natural cancer treatments.

Now, what is the media not telling you about cancer?

The people of Nigeria have been conditioned by the media to accept that cancer occurred as a result of DNA damage and that God is not capable of curing cancer or finding how it can be cured.

Imagine! It is only an idiot that would believe that! God is the designer of human DNA and the DNA of other animal species, but people still think that God has no clue on how cancer can be cured. If He (God) is the brain behind DNA, no doubt, He knows how to cure cancer.

Surprising enough, DNA damage has no connection with cancer. Even if there is a connection, what should be done next? If cancer cells can be safely targeted and killed, what then is the difference that DNA damage caused cells to be cancerous?

In 1930/1931, a Nobel Prize was awarded for the scientific discovery that a cancer cell was formed as a result of low levels of ATP energy.

However, it was a natural medicine cancer researcher who didn’t win even one Nobel Prize that found out that microbes present in the cancer cells caused the low ATP energy, by intercepting glucose before it can be converted into pyruvate and through two chemical cycles to finally produce ATP.

One way of reverting cancer cells to normal cells is by killing these microbes. We have gotten the understanding that there is no need of killing cancer cells; it is all about reverting them into normal cells. Over 25 treatments have been developed worldwide, and these treatments were successful in reverting cancer cells into normal cells.

There is no link or connection between DNA damage in cancer and cancer itself. It is the microbes that caused DNA damage that also cause cancer.

Cancer now has many cures. However, the cures are not from the pharmaceutical industry. The moguls that dominate the pharmaceutical industry are totally uninterested in the few survivor of cancer.

Obviously, the politicians are on the side of these industry kingpins because they own the media, thus the heart of the people. The rule to them is that, you can’t achieve your political ambition if you don’t sell yourself out to the superrich.

Cancer cures must be from cancer researchers who have integrity and are not partner with the FDA or the pharmaceutical industry, or any large cancer charities controlled by the pharmaceutical industry.

It is not surprising that ACS hasn’t found any cures for cancer. ACS hasn’t been searching for a cure and they won’t. Had it being that ACS hired one of the many genuine researchers, over 25 cures would have been discovered within a week. However, that can’t happen.

Science is never the problem of curing cancer but politics and information. People are continuously told that cancer has no cures and people believe the lie.

Sincerely, cancer is easy to cure and a lot of people know how cancer can be cured.

But why is getting people to believe the truth so hard? I can confidently say it is because people have been brainwashed and deceived for a very long time. Some people know the truth that cancer has cures, but they are hiding the truth from others.

The battle against cancer is no way linked with cancer and has everything to do with information manipulation by the superrich.

The media makes use of a very refined brainwashing strategy that has been in use for decades to manipulate the public.

By constantly showing medical doctors on televisions, people get conditioned to believe that whoever is not a medical doctor is surely a quack.

Hence, people start running to their medical doctor with 3% cure rate whenever they are diagnosed with cancer. The media has perfectly planned and carried out its own role.

You will observe that virtually every time you turn on your TV set, you will see the media glorifying a medical doctor. Why is it so? It is simple. They want people to instantly ask about medical doctors that treat cancer whenever they are diagnosed with cancer.

This particular process has been in existence for many years; even long before the TV was invented or before you were born. The politicians, pharmaceutical industry, medical industry, chemical industry, etc. wants to hide the truth that cancer can be cured from people.

The big cartels are using the media to turn the public into ‘zombies.’ That is, an individual will head straight to an oncologist like a robot when he or she is diagnosed with cancer.

Because Mother Nature has many cures to cancer, the controllers of the pharmaceutical industry and the media ensures that nobody know or believe this truth that cures for cancer are all in natural medicine.

I will always vote for the idea of reverting cancer cell into normal cells. Why kill cancer cells when you know that they are sick? However, since they are just a little percentage of the total cells in a cancer patient’s body, killing them I guess isn’t bad.

But safely targeting and killing cancer cells or reverting cancer cells into normal cells is never on the agenda of the pharmaceutical industry, medical practitioners, media, politician, or charities. Their top priority is to suppress these natural cures.

Now, another question is: what is the agenda of all these people? The answer is, they want profits and as a matter of fact, a huge profit, and not curing cancer patients.

Natural medicine cancer researchers have been curing cancer for a very long time.

For instance, Dr. Royal Rife is a microbiologist who had a 100% cure rate reverting cancer cells into normal cells. Dr. Rife achieved this by using gentle electrical currents to kill the microbes living inside the cancer cells.

The microbes are responsible for the restriction of ATP energy production. So killing them is what would make cancer cells to revert to normal cells.

The AMA tried buying Dr. Rife out, for them to destroy his machines and inventory. Dr. Rife refused to accept the offer of the AMA, and the FDA shut him down and also destroyed his laboratory and his machine that he hasn’t even sold.

It is possible that you don’t know anything about Dr. Rife, and it is because the media has hidden his 100% cure rate from you and the entire public. They have also not informed you that his powerful device has been replicated using modern technology and is even available on the internet for purchase.

The truth is that the media, medical kingpins, and cancer researchers are all working for the organizations which are friends with the pharmaceutical industry. Understood the pattern? The cure rate results would always be 3% or less anywhere the pharmaceutical industry has a totally control.

2.1% cure rate is intolerable—that is just the truth. In addition, destroying natural cures having 93% cure rates is far more awful.

Even Dr. Rife case is just a small part of what you do not know.

A cancer research, Dr. William Kelley, who refused to be controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, experimented on over 33,000 cancer patients and he was able to achieve a 93% cure rate. He did not even care about DNA damage, he aimed to discover how he can safely target and kill the cancer cells by using natural enzymes. In his protocol, the cancer cells were killed by the immune system.

Do the mathematical calculation here; a 93% cure rate of Dr. Kelley minus that of orthodox medicine is equal to 90%. That is one reason you need to know those people cancer researchers are directly or indirectly working for. Is it the pharmaceutical industry or Mother Nature?

Dr. Kelley was imprisoned because he didn’t succumb to the plans of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.

The Media’s Small Truth and Big Lie

Why has the media kept the breakthrough story of Dr. Rife, Dr. Kelley, and many other researchers from you? Why haven’t all the investigative journalists of the media told the public about Dr. Kelley? I’m sure they read articles on the Internet. So why are they looking for something that isn’t lost?


You need to know that the investigative journalists are not permitted to investigate the media because that is who they work for. Since the media is part of those who is hiding the truth, how are people going to discover the truth?

You can compare the media to an iceberg. The media will tell you 10% of the truth and the other 90% is buried. So to discover the truth, you will need a submarine. You won’t get what you need to hear from the media, but what they want you to hear.

Why haven’t the members of AMA used the cancer treatments of Dr. Kelley?  It is because AMA knows about the success of Dr. Kelley’s treatments and all they could do was throwing him in prison, just because he had cancer cure, which was affecting their profits, and also giving them a bad reputation.

Why did the ACS and some other cancer charity foundations not use their financial resources and influence on the media to inform the whole world about the cancer treatments of Dr. Kelley? Why are they interested in 3% cure rate treatments when treatments with 93% have already been found?

Why are doctors not enforced to use the cancer treatments of Dr. Kelley?

Why has the health insurance companies refused to pay for the medical bills of those using the cancer treatments of Dr. Kelley?

Why has a law enforcing the use of Dr. Kelley’s cancer treatment not being passed by lawmakers?

The answer is that, all of them are in search of cancer treatments that are most profitable, and not the most effective ones. Surprisingly, the most profitable treatments are available in the pharmaceutical industry. So consequentially, everyone wants the pharmaceutical industry to feed them him or her.

Do we have anyone that has not sold-out to the pharmaceutical Industry?

The media, politicians, AMA, cancer foundations, medical practitioners, movie industries, health insurance companies, and many other governmental and non-governmental bodies have sold-out to the pharm. Industry.

Health insurance policies that would support payment of same percent for both natural and orthodox cancer treatments cannot be written by health insurance companies because the state insurance departments wouldn’t allow them. That is the level of corruption and stupidity that has eaten into every part of our society.

The High Society Clubs

The media is the most important group. It has the power to expose the corruption in politics, medicine, and whatever you could think of. However, the media won’t because it wants its own share and besides, the multibillionaires own the media.

The drug companies spend many millions of dollars annually on advertisement using the media. The same drug companies sell the drugs generating the highest profitable 3% cure rate for cancer.

So there is no way the press will tell the truth or fact.

I’m also telling you that the media will not make any money if it promote or talk about Dr. Kelley’s cancer treatments. So the media will keep mute about Dr. Kelley and his achievement on cancer cure.

People have put their total trust on the media, FDA, AMA, ACS, pharmaceutical industries, and so on. But it is rather unfortunate that all these organizations have secretly betrayed the trust of people because of earthly riches.

The media and even our politicians are being controlled by those who owns the pharmaceutical industry—the multibillionaires who care less about the wellbeing, lives, and health of the masses.

Everything looks like everyone wants their share from the multibillionaires’ pocket, excluding people like Dr. Kelley.

The pharmaceutical industry, the media, and the major banks are all owned by multibillionaires who are friends of one another. Also, they know each other, own exclusive clubs, and are loyal to themselves. This is why the media is always loyal to the Pharm. Industry rather than to the common people.

Let us dig deeper into the media’s strategy to have a better understanding of why it has been having a breakthrough at controlling the minds of people to an extent that people won’t believe the truth. The media’s strategies are just so sophisticated.

The Sophistication of Strategies of the Media

Before you continue to read further, I want you to think about a question for few seconds. Why do people hastily run to medical doctors, instead of their local health food store or the Internet when they are told they have cancer?

The minds of the people have been controlled by the media through showing of medical doctors on the TV at every available opportunity. No matter what you’re watching, a drama, movie, news, comedy, sitcom, etc. a medical doctor is likely going to be shown at one time or another.

This is a reciprocal game. The pharm industry give the media money for advertising and the media then hand over patients to the medical community by giving the glory to medical doctors on TV and movies.

In addition, people think that Dr. Kelley (who achieved a 93% cure rate) is a quack just because he didn’t use orthodox drugs and he wasn’t a medical doctor. You don’t have to have a medical degree to tell cancer patients to drink a quart of carrot juice mixed with little beet juice, purple grape juice, or some other powerful and effective natural treatments.

What I want you to understand is that people prefer their TV to tell them the next thing to do when they fall sick. When they eventually get sick, they go straight to the office of their doctor, because that is what their TV has told them.

To the general public, running to medical doctors is the most appropriate thing to do. On the other hand, it is the wrong to do so when diagnosed with cancer. Why? Your doctor has no idea of how cancer can be cured, even other diseases such as ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimers, AIDS, and many other diseases. You need to be aware that some people still know how these diseases can be dealt with using natural medicine.

The meaning of all these is that a lot of people intentionally promote and venerate ineffective cancer treatments so as to have a share out of the huge wealth of those that owns the pharmaceutical industry.

To be fair enough, most preachers of radiation and chemotherapy have even been fooled and they are far away from what the truth is.

Medical nurses, politicians, newscasters, etc., get all their information from their doctors and the media just like everyone else.

The AMA is just a labor union and nothing else. In 1907, they had an alliance with the new pharmaceutical industry and they accepted to use the most profitable treatments without any regards to their patient’s survival.

My words may sound very harsh but it is the truth, and there are even enough evidences to back them up. Before 1907, the AMA had been a corrupt association and even the founder of the drug companies, who did it to make more money in addition to what he was making from his already established oil business.

He was known to be a ruthless businessman and looked like a respectable citizen—thanks to his fantastic public relations department. You can Google the name John D. Rockefeller, Sr.

The father of this man publicized himself as a cancer doctor, and what did his father use as a cure of cancer? It was “raw crude oil” of course.

No war was made on cancer. What people were doing is putting their money into a bottomless pit, which is a place where other people earned big.

What is FACT™ (Foundation for the Advancement of Cancer Therapy)

FACT™ is pointing to a quarter century of research that questions the decision made by cancer patients to go for conventional treatments, which includes chemotherapy and radiation, hoping to prolong their life.

The orthodox drug company controls the news reports and cancer patients have been compelled to believe that many years of research have led to the use of modern treatment practices that have significantly improve survival rates among cancer patients.

FACT™ points to research work carried out by credible and reputable cancer researchers to nullify this popular belief of the people (that cancer has no cure). Dr. Hardin Jones, a professor of medical physics and physiology, carried out a research spanning 25 years of cancer patients’ life, which made him give the conclusion that untreated cancer patients didn’t die earlier.

In actual fact, most of them lived longer than those who went for conventional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

Prof. Jones at the Science Writers’ Seminar of American Cancer Society in 1969 presented his shocking research results. Prof. Jones research findings confirmed a paper written by him in 1955 that postulated that common cancer treatments extended the life of cancer patients in reality.

In the paper earlier written by Dr. Jones, the way cancer research results were skewed to arrive at the conclusion that treated cancer patients performed better than untreated ones was illustrated. For instance, patients who died while receiving cancer treatments were not included in the results. So the result is an unrealistic survival rate of treated cancer patients.

In the presentation of Prof. Jones of 1969, he emphasized that research had continued to shift results in the favor of orthodox treatment. For instance, patients suffering from extremely advanced cancer were usually part of the group that isn’t receiving any treatments. So there were more patients in the treatment group who were less seriously affected, and thus results in a higher survival rate for the group that received treatment.

As soon as the bias was statistically corrected, it was discovered that the survival rate among cancer patients that were treated was greater than those undergoing treatment.

This also made it easy for Prof. Jones to determine that sufferers of breast cancer have a survival rate that is four times longer when they refused conventional treatment. A breast cancer patient lived an average of 12½ years, compared with those on treatment who lived an average of 3 years, making Prof. Jones to arrive at a conclusion that more harm was caused by radical surgery than good to cancer patients.

In the meantime, it has been pointed out by FACT™ that no research work disproving Prof. Jones’ evidence has been published. Contrary to that, the conclusions of Prof. Jones have further been supported by other recognized researcher’s work. Among these researchers was Dr. Maurice Fox, a biologist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who in 1979 published a paper stating that there was no better survival rates when radical mastectomy was done than when only lump was removed.

Dr. Fox also wrote that cancer patients that opted out of medical procedures had a lower mortality rate than those who decided to go through treatment. He went further by stating that patients who received early cancer diagnoses died sooner, which was likely due to treatment duration and intensity.

In fact, the advocates of conventional cancer treatments as the best choice can’t waive the effect of the procedures on the body. Any cancer patients who wish to go through such treatment plans must be ready to cope with the pains and suffering that usually affect the quality of life.

Patients receiving conventional treatment should be ready to cope with an awful list of serious side-effects, which includes cancer growth and death. For instance, radiation can aid the spread of cancer and eventually lead to lethal metastases. If the cancer is left untreated, the tumor can even aid in slowing down the spread of the cancer.

Hemorrhage, liver failure, tissue death, kidney dysfunction, compromised immunity, prolonged vomiting, enteritis, anorexia, blistering, disorientation, bone marrow depression, and many other serious illnesses are common health conditions that follow conventional cancer treatments.

Revealing the conclusions of these researchers make it more challenging for cancer patients to decide, but better options are available for them to choose from. Patients should consult with a reliable medical doctor and their loved ones before taking decision of whether to go through conventional treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation.

In the midst of taking a decision, they will need to review all the available information to conclude on the best course of action. Patients’ choice of path that includes conventional treatments should be totally based on scientifically-based evidence available and personal preference, and not because of the pressure or the fear that if they refuse treatment they will die soon.

The protocol below is a helpful one (though it can change any time)

300mg of alpha-lipoic acid twice a day

300mg of milk thistle or silymarin twice a day

200mcg of selenium twice a day


My final words for the truth hiders about cancer cure

The FDA, AMA, and their allies have individually or conjointly closed down many clinics belonging to cancer researchers that have discovered a cure to cancer. Vendors of effective products against cancer have also been shut down by them.

Wouldn’t it make more sense if the FDA establishes a cancer treatment center where all the natural cancer treatments are used? What would have been the cure rate if this clinic treats newly diagnosed cancer patients?

I bet the cure rate would have increased to 100%.

Therefore, the FDA, AMA, and it allies cannot claim the cure of cancer is still unknown to them. If such a claim is made by them, they are lying.

The FDA, AMA, and their allies are very sure of what the cure of cancer is. It is just that they have chosen to be ignorant and even do nothing, except shutting down researchers who knows the cure and their clinic. They sit by to watch many people all over the world die annually of cancer because of their loyalty to the pharmaceutical industry, medical practitioners, politicians, cancer foundations, and the media.

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