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Belly Fat is unsightly and most women are interested in getting rid of it. Surprisingly, most women don’t know how to. Their belly continues protruding even when they try hard to eliminate it.

Belly fat is not just unsightly; it gives us a very unhealthy look. Some Men associate belly fat with status which is not correct at all.

Today you will learn the potential health dangers that are associated with Belly Fat.

Thin people who lack belly fat should also pay close attention to this article. Even thin people are not free from dangers associated with belly fat. They are unaware that some belly fat may be hidden deep inside their internal organs.

Even thin people may notice their belly bulging without knowing what is going on inside their body.

Your body needs fat to carry out some functions. There are good and bad fats. The bad fats are not needed by your body.

This article will enlighten you on how you can get rid of the bad fats that your body doesn’t need.

It will also enlighten you on how to prevent the bad fats from coming back and illnesses that may arise from it even if you don’t notice your belly bulging.

Dr. Carol Shively (PhD), a pathologist at the Wake Forest School of Medicine in the UK, carried out a research study that showed that fat is deposited in the body in 2 ways;

-It is deposited under the skin in places like the buttocks, hips, abdomen, thighs and abdomen. Such kind of fat is referred to as subcutaneous fat. It is mostly for body insulation purposes.

-Secondly, it is deposited around vital organs deep in the body such as the heart, lungs, pelvis and abdomen. This type of fat is referred to as the Visceral Fat.

Subcutaneous fat is what we see and is deposited in places mentioned above. On the other hand, Visceral Fat is not visible.

Most people struggle with getting rid of subcutaneous fat not knowing that Visceral Fat, which is unseen, possess the greatest danger the most important organs that power our body.

menstruacionet e bardha How Does It Affect The Vital Organs, You May Ask?

According to the research study carried out by Dr. Carol Shively (PhD), the main function of visceral fast is to absorb shock and cushion the vital organs.

However, when it becomes excess naturally or due to an unhealthy lifestyle, it is responsible for secreting toxins as well as inflammatory compounds that trigger degenerative illnesses such as High Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, Cancer of the Breast Endometrium and Colon.

stel zoekt vrouw in Zaandam What Causes “Visceral Fat”?

All of us are born with the two types of fat whether you are fat or thin. As you continue to grow, these two types of fat become excess depending on your genetic makeup or lifestyle.

Apart from the mentioned factors, genetic makeup or lifestyle, there are some other factors that contribute to the increase of these two types of fat.

They include stress, age, sex and more or less sleep. Generally, any man who has not reached 40 deposits more Visceral Fat and their Visceral Fat to subcutaneous fat ratio is higher compared to that of women the same age.

However, women begin to store more fat just after menopause. If you are already fat, chances are that your body won’t have safe places it can store these two types of fat.

At this point, your body will have no option but to deposit the fat around the Liver, Heart and other Vital Organs.

The more your body stores these types of fat around your vital organs, the more you will be exposed to the diseases mentioned above.

Visceral Fat is known to inject more of its inflammatory into your body to catalyze the buildup of those ailments.

par søker par i Arendal How Do You Know When You Have Too Much of These Fats?

If you have a waist size of 35 for Women and 40 for Men then you have unsafe levels of Visceral Fat. If you have measured yourself with a tape measure and you have discovered that you aren’t in the safe region, the next step is to find out the quantity of excess fat that you have.

Tertiary institutions like private laboratories and teaching hospitals have instruments that are used to measure the excess fat buildup. They include MRI or CT scan.

However, the simplest way to find out if you are having too much of these fats is measuring your waist size.

Anyone can do this at home.

vestito a fiori max mara What About Thin People?

Generally, thin people have healthy levels of Visceral Fats. But genetics can expose some people to excessive Visceral Fats.

Just like fat people who have Visceral Fat, thin people whose genes allow them to have excessive Visceral Fat are likely to develop insulin resistance caused by the elevated levels of cholesterol as well as blood sugar.

If you are thin and you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, you will be storing Visceral Fat without noticing.

A research study conducted by the British Medical Research council showed that thin men who use diet alone to maintain their weight instead of combining it with exercise have a higher risk of accumulating unhealthy levels of Visceral Fat.

kleidung zum feiern How To Control The Growth Of “Visceral Fat”

Visceral Fat can be controlled. The growth of Visceral Fat can be controlled successfully by four things. They include,

-Proper Nutrition

-Regular Exercises

-Stress Management

-Adequate Sleep. Not more than 8 hours or less than 6 hours of sleep.

The most effective exercises that can be used to control the growth of Visceral Fat are short cardio exercises or high intensity exercises whose effects last for up to 48 hours.

Intensity exercises without any doubt are able to trim these two types of fat and prevent their future buildup. Such exercises will protect you from the degenerative diseases that are associated with the accumulation of these two types of fats.

If you can’t do intensity exercises, you can still stop the growth of Visceral Fat by simply using the weight loss product recommended on

What you eat will determine whether your body will accumulate the good or bad fats.

Here is a guide that will assist you lose weight when eating Nigerian foods.

  1. Eat less Carbohydrate

The Typical Nigerian Diet consists mostly of Carbohydrates.

For instance, you can have Yam for breakfast, Rice for Supper and then Eba or Garri for Lunch. For females, most Nutrition Guides recommend 6 to 7 servings of Grain byproducts and eight servings for adult males.

Based on a 2,000 calories diet, the daily recommended Carbohydrate intake for an average Adult should be 300g per day.

In other words, you should eat 2 slices of bread in the morning (70g), 2 cup servings of Garri (156g) as Lunch and 68g of rice which is equivalent to one and a half cups.

Excess carbohydrate is stored as fat in the body. When trying to lose your weight watch your carbohydrate intake.

  1. Consume Less Palm Oil

Palm oil as well as kernel oil is rich in saturated fats and calories. This is the main reason you should avoid them most of the time. If you have to use palm oil, use it in less quantity.

Also avoid precooked food products prepared using palm oil.

  1. Watch The Salt or Maggi

Too much salt in the body will make it retain water and you will appear much bigger than you are.

Salt is not in any way associated with weight gain or weight loss. When we cook using popular seasoning mixes, we include lots of salt into our foods unknowingly.

The typical packaged seasoning mixes like Knorr, Maggi etc. overload your food with salt.

If you want to lose weight then consume foods with less salt. Your body will expel the water instead of retaining it.

  1. Watch What You Drink

What you drink matters a lot if you want to lose weight. Most people consume excess calories from drinks unknowingly.

They only pay attention to what they eat. Ensure that you avoid pop (soda/minerals) and some other drinks that people think are healthy like malt drink. They have high levels of Carbohydrates and will only result in Weight Gain.

Don’t avoid consuming health drinks such as juices and malts; just keep a close a close eye on the number of calories you consume if you have to consume these drinks daily.

  1. Choose Meat Wisely

In most African dishes and soups, you will find red meat. It’s a staple food in some communities and it can’t be avoided easily.

If you have to eat red meat, trim off excess fats and consume goat meat. It is known to contain half the calories compared to other types of meat and less fat.

  1. Oven Bake and Oven Fry (avoid deep frying foods)

If you are trying hard to lose weight, it is recommended that you avoid fried foods as they have high levels of fat.

They also introduce high calories into your diet. This will make losing weight a very difficult task.

Oven roasting and frying are alternatives to deep frying. Ovens prepare foods with a tiny fraction of oil that could have been used for deep frying.

  1. Avoid high calorie snacks (Fan Yogo, Gala, Lacasera, Chin Chin, buns, Puff Puff, Plantain chips)

The typical Nigerian street snack contains more than 225 calories. You can consume a delicious snack and forget to check on your calorie intake.

When you are trying to lose weight, some snacks should not be anywhere in your menu. But once in a while you can have small chops and snacks without forgetting their effects.

If you have to eat snacks, it is advisable to eat healthy snacks so that you avoid eating unhealthy street snacks. Some snacks that are rich in fiber like granola bar are recommended for weight loss.

  1. Eat Spicy Foods

Spicy foods will help you lose weight if you don’t know. For instance, if you eat hot peppers, your metabolism will be raised.

Hot peppers will also slow down your eating rate since you will have no option but to eat while taking water or any other healthy drink. Drinking water when eating will make you feel satisfied before you even know it.

When you eat food that has been cooked without hot peppers, you will have overeaten when your body signals that it’s satisfied.

  1. Eat More Fiber.

When trying to lose excess weight, it is recommended that you eat foods rich in fiber. Fiber will help you win your fight against weight gain.


Fibers work by reducing the amount of cholesterol in your body. When cholesterol is low, your weight will also be healthy.

Foods rich in fiber will make you feel full before you know it and they also stay for long in your digestive tract meaning that you will not feel like snacking or binge eating soon.

Foods that are rich in fiber are legumes and beans.

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