Is all Human Hair Created Equally?


The obvious answer is no!

Some ladies have such bountiful beautiful hair like Praise my friend  . . .


Unlike her a lot of people experience their hair falling off.

“Why is my hair falling out?” seems to be one of the most common concerns of women today and to be honest, there are a variety of reasons responsible for hair loss. Normally, we tend to shed about 50 strands of hair a day however there are many women who mysteriously seem to shed a bit more. Possible causes could range from hereditary traits and medications to stress and skin problems however one of the most popular culprits is our DIET!!

Your diet is one of the most contributing factors to hair loss. We tend to eat a lot of foods that contain little to no nutritional value and less of the foods our bodies need to grow healthy hair. These unhealthy foods not only deprive our bodies of nutrition, they also leave harmful toxins.

The first step to healthy hair is a healthy system and body. I would suggest that you do some sort of “cleansing” process to remove these toxins and waste before anything else. The reason for this is because these toxins and waste tend to clog and coat your intestines which makes it nearly impossible for your body to absorb any vitamins consumed.

The next step is to properly nourish your body which will help cleanse your blood. I realize that it is really hard to maintain healthy diets with our hectic schedules and lives so a supplement might work. Increase the amount of “green” in your diet as the “oxygen” contained in these foods will help rid your blood and system of toxins.

The third step is to condition your scalp. Make sure that you keep your scalp clean and conditioned and be sure to use a leave- in conditioner. Depending on your level of hair loss, you might need to actually treat your scalp with something that stimulates blood flow to help feed your hair follicles (please note that if you have not properly cleansed your blood, it cannot properly feed your hair follicles). Mix your leave-in conditioner with a SMALL amount of an herb that “stimulates blood flow” (stinging nettle, rosemary, cayenne pepper, horsetail, etc.). Apply this liquid mixture directly to the scalp after washing your hair, when your pores are still open, and place a plastic cap over your head. Please note that ALL stimulating herbs will cause the skin to redden or become irritated upon application. Please do not use large amounts!!*

The last and final step is to properly care for your hair to ensure that it is not breaking off. Always use a mild shampoo depending on your hair type (oily, dry, fine, etc.) and always use a good conditioner. Whenever possible, leave your conditioner on under a heat cap before rinsing out. And be sure to get frequent trimmings to help prevent split ends, especially if your hair is permed, exposed to the sun or if you use heated appliances.

*This entire article was inspired not only by my knowledge of the subject but also my personal experience. After failed attempts to stop my shedding, I did the cleansing, changed my diet and started using my scalp tonic (4 oz. leave-in conditioner with 2 capsules powdered cayenne pepper pills). In addition, I cut my hair very short to rid myself of all damaged ends and uneven lengths. I am pleased that my hair has stopped shedding excessively and is growing stronger and thicker.

To Grease Or Not To Grease.

From the time we are little kids, our mom’s would have us sit down so she could “grease our scalp” but is this actually healthy for our hair or is this an old tradition carried down from our ancestors to our own children?

I remember, as a child, my mother would grease our scalps and we ALWAYS had that Dax Pressing Grease under our bathroom sink. I remember getting teased at school from leaving grease marks on all my papers after scratching my head. I remember my mother being proud that “Black folks” didn’t get lice because of the grease in our hair. But again, is grease really healthy for our scalps???

Most hair professionals would say “No” because the petrolatum tends to clog our pores and stunt the hair growth or even cause hair to fall out. “But I have a very dry scalp and I need grease”. My only reply to that is that perhaps the grease is making your scalp dry. I realize this does not make sense initially but let me explain a bit further. Just as it applies to our faces, if we over dry our oily skin, our skin will only then start to over produce oil, right? Well, if we over oil our scalps, won’t our skin ultimately slow down or stop producing it’s own oils, causing dandruff?

Greases were not made for our scalps, rather for our hair. Perms dry our hair out so we need to put oil back into it to prevent breaking. Oiling our hair is different than oiling our scalps and most hair professionals would agree that if the first 3 ingredients of your hair products contain “petrolatum”, then it should not be used on your scalp.

So, then why would “medicated” hair products for dandruff contain petrolatum as their very FIRST ingredient? Perhaps the same reason why “medicated” lip balms contain petrolatum and “menthol”,…which is a drying agent. The more you use it, the dryer your skin, the more you HAVE to use it.

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