Ogbono Seed And Ogbono Soup: A Classical African Recipe For Weight Loss


kvinne søker kvinne i Notodden Ogbono, as known in Nigeria, is a popularly known fruit produced by the Ogbono tree that is found naturally in tropical African forests of Senegal, Sudan and Angola.

vokuhila kleid knielang The scientific name of Ogbono is Irvingia gabonensis. It is also popularly known as bush (wild) mango. This fruit has a seed that is used for health benefits among them weight reduction and fats loss in the body.

To get the highly regarded seed, the Ogbono fruits are split and the seeds can be eaten in many forms. They can be eaten raw or roasted. They can also be pressed to produce oil used for cooking.

Once dried in the sun, the seeds can also be grinded into flour and the flour is used to cook the Ogbono soup which is a popular recipe among Nigerian foods. It thickens the soup and this thickening ability is due to the mucilaginous polysaccharides found in the seeds.

This soup has achieved global recognition as it has helped many people to reduce body mass and fats.

Bearing in mind how weight loss has become a major concern all over the world, every food prepared in the kitchen is well thought of in terms of the effect on weight.
Ogbono soup is prepared using the ogbono flour and other condiments.

However, for the purpose of losing weight, these condiments should be selected cautiously avoiding those that have high levels of calories.

For example, adding meat when preparing Ogbono soup is not good for reduction of weight because neat results in more calories in the body, which leads to weight gain.

Therefore, it is advisable that you go easy on these extra things that you add to the soup so as to achieve the weight reduction objective.

A research carried out in 2005 showed that Irvingia gabonensis resulted in a group of human volunteers reducing weight greatly as compared to a placebo (a group which did not use Ogbono).

In terms of general weight, hip and waist circumference, this group of volunteers experienced great reduction and it was therefore concluded that use of Ogbono helps to reduce weight.

These reductions were proportionate to the original masses of their bodies. Another study was carried out in 2009 and showed that there was great reduction of fat as a result of use of Ogbono.

This loss of fats was found to be both from the adipose tissue and from lean mass of the body.

κρεμα για μεγενθυση στηθουσ How does Ogbono work to help to reduce weight?
Appetite is one factor that determines weight gain in the body. The more appetite one has, the more likely their weight will increase. Ogbono helps to increase a hormone called letin in the body.

Letin is produced by fat cells and controls hunger by reducing appetite. The reduced appetite results in a person eating less food and therefore controlling gaining of weight.

man zoekt man in Almere Stad How does Ogbono work to help to reduce fat content?
Conversion of sugars present in the blood to form fats often results in huge amounts of fats in the body.

These fats are then deposited in the stomach and also below the waist line. Taking Ogbono can help to reduce belly fat and fats in other parts of the body. The seeds prevent the activities of the enzymes responsible for conversion of the blood sugars into fats.

In this way, the body produces less fats and therefore reduction of fats in the belly and other parts of the body is mabe possible.

vestiti in offerta Important things to remember
– The bush mango seeds are the ones that help to reduce weight, not the fruit. Though the fruit is also edible, it has other health benefits other than weight reduction which is our major concern here.

– The Ogbono soup is usually served with other foods. It is upon you to choose the foods that have less calories so that you achieve the objective of weight reduction.

– Taking Ogbono soup only might not help to reduce the weight you desire. Exercise should not be neglected because it is as important as regulating our diet. In fact, there is no food that can be used alone without exercising and lead to reduction of weight.

– Bush or wild mangoes should be distinguished from the more popular and readily available mangoes in glossary stores.

The bush mangoes might not be as readily available as the mangoes we normally get anytime we want and this is due to their high demand.

Whichever name is used to refer to this fruit, Dika fruit, African mango or wild mango, you expect the seed to suppress hunger and also control diabetes and lower cholesterol.

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