Understanding Premature Ejaculation


Almost every man can relate to coming too quickly or otherwise known as premature ejaculation, it is one of the most common types of erectile dysfunction.

This happens even when there is no intent to do so it can either before or after intercourse. These causes stress and anxiety between partners which can even make the situation worse. Most marriages break up due to lack of sexual intimacy.

When a man is faced with this problem he feels frustrated and opts not to have sex which leads to misunderstandings and later on separation.

Research shows that this problem often affects the younger men however it improves as the age goes up. Older men are less likely to have this problem because they can control themselves better.

The time a premature ejaculation should last has not been identified yet however it is said that it takes less than 2 minutes while a normal one lasts for 7 minutes and above.

This really depends on each individual but you should consider visiting a doctor if you can’t last at least 5 minutes going upwards.

Men living with this condition tend to live with annoyance because neither they nor their partners get the sexual satisfaction they desire. It becomes worse when the female partner wants to get pregnant.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

1. Early Conditioning-There is no clear cause of quick ejaculation. These results have been noted in most of the cases that have taken place. It has been associated with early conditioning; this is where the man hurries to reach the climax as fast as they can.They do this to avoid being detected. This commonly happens with the young age. However, this reason does not match all the surveys done. Some men agree to it while others don’t.

2. New partners-premature ejaculation often happens to new partners. This is because they have not mastered how to last longer in bed and also if they have stayed long before engaging in sexual intercourse.

3. Psychological factors-Other causes are psychological these include stress, guilt or anxiety. When one’s mind is not at ease their sexual performance is obviously affected and it can lead to quick ejaculation.

4. Hormonal imbalance-These is a medical problem which usually affects sexual activities. Men with this problem come too quickly.

5. Sickness-When a man is suffering from serious diseases they could be prone to quick ejaculation. Examples of these diseases are diabetes, prostate illness and multiple sclerosis among others.

6. Sensation- Some men can’t control their ejaculation while they feel the sensation on their penis they go ahead and come too quickly. To control this it is wise to use a condom.

Time is the best cure when it comes to premature ejaculation. It is paramount to practice oneself how to relax so as to handle longer periods without ejaculating.

You could also try out some distraction methods.It is advisable to quit behavioral habits such as smoking and alcohol. Doing this will help in controlling ejaculation because one will be in their sane minds.

We did another post about maca root pills that can help solve the issue of quick ejaculation.

There are also techniques that doctor gives both partners to practice. You need to follow these techniques keenly so as to get the required results.

Communication is key; you can teach yourself to talk with your partner during sexual intercourse.It is proper to consult your doctor and therapist.

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