What If Breast Cancer Is A Fungus?


vestito rosso scarpe Cancer is the term used for any diseases characterized by uncontrollable division of cells and are also capable of invading other tissues in the body. It is not strange that thousands of women have died as a result of breast cancer and billions of dollars has been wasted in the process of getting a cure to the disease. Despite all the losses due to breast cancer, the only available conventional options are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. But what if researchers have been asking the wrong questions about breast cancer?

abito blu liu jo The Connection Between Cancer and Fungus

Cancer and tumor are terms used for formal description. According to Dr. Tullio Simoncini, a trained physician specializing in metabolic disorders, diabetes, and oncologist, these two terms are meaningless. His book titled, Cancer is a Fungus, examines what causes rogue cells to divide to form malignant tumors. He concluded that cancer is a fungus that does what other fungi do, such as forming colonies and spreading all over the host area.

Dr. Simoncini initially made the assumption of this connection after he observed the milky-white appearance in his patient’s cancer tumors. Even as a woman that as once suffered yeast infection can confirm to, the look is similar to the appearance of surface-area outbreaks such as candida albicans.

Another connection that cancer and fungi have is the relationship they have with sugar. Glucose and oxygen is used by the healthy cells in our bodies to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which is the major source of energy for normal cell function. On the other hand, cancer cells use fermentation to produce their own ATP. Of course, oxygen is not required for fermentation; it is just an inefficient means of producing energy. So, large amounts of sugar must be consumed by cancer cells for them to survive and grow.

Cancer cells and fungi love sugar. What happens first whenever candida gets out of control? They stop the sugar and simple carbohydrate like pasta and bread. Sugar fuels cancer and growth of fungi.

Furthermore, mycotoxins are produced by growing fungi, and these mycotoxins have contributed to the development of cancer in human beings based on the data from various experiments. The relationship between cancer and mycotoxins lies in cancer’s ability to effect the production of protein within cells. For instance, it can effect p 53 (protein 53), a protein that, when healthy, activates other proteins responsible for DNA repair. Dr. Lynn Jennings, a medical writer and family practitioner, wrote that a defective protein 53 could allow proliferation of abnormal cells, which results in cancer. She further stated that 50% of all tumors in humans contain protein 53 mutations.

If Cancer is a Really Fungus, Then It should be Treated Like a Fungus

Dr. Constantini A.V., a retired head of W.H.O’s center for mycotoxins in food, has the belief that an antifungal cancer medication is just over the horizon. For more than 10 years, some anecdotal evidence supports Dr. Constantini’s prediction. On the other hand, Dr. Simoncini has more doubt due to fungi’s own nature. Dr. Simoncini said, “They (fungi) are social elements. They network and will adapt.”

The solution of Dr. Simoncini to heal cancer is simple. It abides by the basic principles of natural cancer therapies. He recommends using simple Baking Soda, or sodium bicarbonate therapy, because the most effective means of shrinking tumors is through direct contact with the sodium bicarbonate. Catheter is used in most cases, to go through the blood arteries to the organs. A local injection or infiltration can be used for some cancers, which includes breast cancer. The claim of Dr. Simoncini is that, this particular method has a 99% success rate for healing breast cancer without undergoing any kind of surgery.

One can drink an alkaline Baking Soda drink daily. To prepare this, add 1 teaspoon of baking soda and the juice of ½ lemon fruit together in a glass of purified water. Stir the whole content together and enjoy. You must always drink it 30 minutes before and two hours after your meal—this is because it is an alkaline drink. Besides, an acidic pH is required for optimum digestion in the stomach.

For natural prevention of breast cancer, follow a healthy anticancer regime that includes herbal supplementation, emotional healing, detoxification, biological dentistry, energy balancing, and early cancer detection. In addition, maintaining the proper alkaline balance in your body is one way to stop the growth of fungi and breast cancer.

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