What You Eat Does Matters A Lot


par söker man i Norrland How many times have you been told or heard that what you eat does not matter when you have cancer, and that cancer patients can eat whatever they feel like eating? This is a proof that oncologists are totally wrong and they must apologize to all patients and families of those that suffers cancer.

abiti da cerimonia corti con coda Sincerely, do you think that eating sugar or anything that eventually converts to sugar does not cause cancer? Think about that again.

Cancer cells metabolizers of glucose, and their only fuel source to survive is homme cherche femme a Bruges sugar—they don’t have functional mitochondria to do that for them. Based on the unending research on cancer and sugar, it is evident that sugar supplies cancer the fuel it needs to survive; thus, the PRT scan makes use of radioactive glucose to detect cancer cells. Furthermore, the technique of tagging glucose molecules with radioactive indicators that glows when they are ingested by cancer cells is a confirmation that doctors are fully aware of the weakness of cancer for sugar. At present, diabetes drugs are now being used by oncologists in cancer patients to eliminate sugar from the blood and reducing the amount of sugar that cancer cells takes in. Do you see that?

Three reasons why it is important doctors and researchers are doing this are listed as follows:

  1. It indicates they are proactive to find treatments that are better than surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.
  2. It shows they are admitting that sugar is responsible for reversing and causing cancer, confirming that what you eat matters a lot!
  3. It is a confirmation that they’re getting closer to discovering the cause(s)—the cure is the cause.

It was concluded from a study carried out by Dr. Ming Yin et al. that metformin plays a role in increasing the survival rates in cancers patients that also suffers type-2 Diabetes, and that it works better than other drugs used for reducing plasma glucose.

Bruce Chabner, an oncologist, said that the study of Dr. Ming Yin et al. had confirms that metformin might have some unexpected effect, and that it could contribute to reduction of tumor by helping in the lowering of plasma glucose levels.

Now what is good about this development? This is a proof that survival rates are increased when the sugar and blood glucose levels are increased. What is bad about this development? A medication that has many side effects are used, however, when there are lots of safe or natural things to do, you have no other exception than to do this. You need to safely and naturally lower your blood glucose level, which is one of the means of preventing or reversing cancer.

Other things you need to do are:

  1. Stay away from sugar and anything that converts to sugar. So you must stop eating pastas, grains, carbs, breads, and most fruits, especially during the initial phase of reversing cancer. Take your blood sugar levels measurement every day with a glucose meter to be sure that you’re indeed keeping the glucose in your blood down while you also keep inflammation down. One of the things I emphasizes on is the monitoring of blood sugar by ever y cancer patient.
  2. Always eat moderate or low amounts of protein. Excess protein is converted by the body to sugar.
  3. Endeavor to take natural supplements that lowers blood glucose levels, such as:
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): 300 mg/day
  • Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine): 100 mg/day
  • Berberine 400-500 mg/day
  • Cinnamon 1 gram/day (food quantity)
  • Fenugreek, a daily supplement of 15 g of powdered fenugreek seed considerably lowers blood glucose levels after eating.

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